After being introduced in February, we were very excited to start our journey with a great foundation named Success in Education. Mr. Rick Folkerson & Mr. Rick Clayton assissted in getting a great group of guys together & after a fantastic hunt we are looking forward to working with them in the future! Their foundation assists children in education & inspires them to work hard & we love being a part of such organization! Thank you guys for choosing Zander Bierman Safaris! We hope to see you again soon!

Thank you also to the hunters who came over with Mr. Folkerson & Mr. Clayton. It was great meeting each one of you & we hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did! 

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JULY 2015

This month we were joined by father & son - Terry & Kevin Larsen. They spent 10 days with us & took down some beautiful trophies!                                                                                                                 Not only are they good businessmen but also great shots! Well done guys!!                                       

DSCF4941 1 600x            DSCF5005 1 600x

JUNE 2015

What an exciting time!!

To start out with, we had our great friends return for the second year in a row. Mr. Scott Banasky & Mr. Ray Gammell once again had a great hunt, taking down some great trophies, under which two beautiful Sable bulls & two gigantic Buffalo bulls. Thanks guys for your loyal support!! We really appreciate it more than you know!

DSC 0103 300x               DSC 0004 300x               DSC 0172 300x

Next up was Tess Talley, our lucky winner from Texas!! 

Tess won herself a 7 day hunt including a Warthog, Impala & Blue Wildebeest. Her husband, Andrew Talley, joined her for this exciting trip & together they ended up taking down 9 great trophies!! It was a very memorable hunt & so much fun! This was something that they have wanted to do for quite a time & it was an honour to be part of their first time in Africa!

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APRIL - MAY 2015

Our first U.S. clients for the year - Dan Scartezina & Max Morgan - visited South Africa for 10 days of hunting, as well as 3 days in the beautiful Kruger National Park.

Here at Zander Bierman Safaris, friendship & family is of high value to us - making this hunt even more special, since Dan & Max have been friends for 58 years!! It was such a privilege to be a part of their first ever hunt in Africa! And what a great hunt it was!! We had loads of fun, saw some amazing things & got great trophies! Dan's wife - Linda Scartezina - also joined in the fun, proving that this is NOT ONLY for hunter's, and that the ladies can also enjoy the trip to Africa. She had fun with the Elephants (Elephant rides & interaction) & saw a wide variety of species & beautiful things in the Kruger National Park.

We would like to thank you - Dan & Linda Scartezina & Max Morgan - for hunting with ZBS & making it just as much fun for us as we hope it was for you!

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To view more pictures from this hunt - visit our Facebook Page, click on Photos & open the album named "Dan Scartezina & Max Morgan - May 2015"




Our dear friend - Dan Scartezina - was so kind to write us this letter of recommendation:

An open letter of introduction to Zander Bierman Safaris

Congratulations on your consideration of Zander Bierman Safaris for a hunting trip to South Africa. ( I strongly support Zander and would highly recommend you placing your trust in this most respected friend and professional hunter.  I am writing this letter to assure you that you have made a great selection and to reassure you of some questions you might encounter as you plan your trip.

Over the years I have made some poor decisions regarding outfitters.  You see them at the show and they promise everything, but when you arrive at camp and away from the world, your experience is quite another matter.  Not so with Zander.  I would have to say he under promises and over achieves.

Initially, I was concerned about “the Ebola issue”, and civil unrest as experienced in many other countries in North Africa. I found this simply to not be the case since my wife and I freely moved throughout the country without incident.  Nor is Ebola an issue in South Africa.

As to my credentials, I have been an officer in over 4 US major companies and have served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a small community college in Southeastern Utah. I have extensive experience in employment matters and have come to learn the values of honesty, integrity and hard work. You will find Zander is a model for these values.

On May 8 - May 23, 2015, I enjoyed a 10 day dream hunt and a 3 day trip to Kruger National Park along with my lifetime friend Dr. Max G. Morgan. Together we took 22 animals including Sabel Antelope, Gemsbuck, Impala, Eland, Blesbuck, Zebra, Red Hartabeast, Warthog, and Kudu.  In addition to the fabulous trophy class animals, we enjoyed wonderful accommodations along with food to die for.  

At the conclusion of our hunt, I asked Zander if I might write a letter outlining some of my concerns in the selection of an outfitter and on Zander’s behalf.  In doing so, I will receive no consideration of payment, reduced hunt prices or other recognition.  Rather, it is my sincere hope that Zander will become successful with his somewhat new company.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hunt with someone of his quality.

You may find other cut rate outfitters, but you will find Zander’s pricing to be fair and reasonable and consistent with other high quality outfitters. He will also do everything in his power, to ensure you will arrive home with trophy class animals.  African game was new to me and it is difficult to determine which animal represented a trophy class animal.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I wanted to take an animal and was told “we can probably do better, if you are willing to wait.”  Time and time again this played out with not only with Zander but his other staff and as well with great results.

In conclusion, I feel you can’t go wrong in selecting Zander to coordinate your hunt.  Nor do I believe I was treated differently than any other client that I am aware of.  His standards are high.  He is impeccably honest. You will also leave a friend that you will want to return to. Please call if you have questions.

Dan M. Scartezina    US 801-641-0822

1730 STONEBRIDGE Drive # 51

St George, UT 84770



Zander Bierman Safaris kicked this year off by visiting the U.S.A for a full month of marketing.

IMG 2834 600x

During this time we visited three States, and quite a few good friends & clients. We would like to thank all these people for their help, support, loyalty & hospitality. It is greatly appreciated!

We also gave away a donation hunt for this year, which includes 7 days all inclusive stay at Zander Bierman Safaris, as well as 1x Warthog, 1x Impala and 1x Blue Wildebeest.

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner - Tess Talley!

IMG 2852 300x    IMG 2855 300x

We are looking forward to hunting with you!

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